Wholesale Brazilian Teak & Cumaru

Buying Cumaru Wholesale

The best Brazilian Teak Hardwood in Florida!

Welcome to Cumaru Decking Florida, your best source for Brazilian Teak Decking in South Florida. If you are interested in buying Brazilian Teak -also named Cumaru- in large quantities, you can apply to be part of our wholesale program.  You will have access to special pricing and other resources and services, such as priority shipping.

We offer fast and convenient service for all our Cumaru clients. We have quality control, so you can be assured of the best premium grade Cumaru available. You have all different sizes, including special orders such as custom milled bigger timbers in sizes such as 16×10 and 16×12. 

    We love working with general contractors, architects, designers, and carpenters and are happy to offer wholesale pricing on Cumaru decking and decking hardware to all qualifying customers!

    As we are direct importers of Cumaru we have the ability to offer the best pricing in the market.

    Any questions? Contact us! We are happy to answer all your doubts.

    Cumaru Wholesale


    Check out these amazing ideas to see what can you do with our Cumaru or Brazilian Teak Decking!

    Cumaru Deck In Firepit

    Cumaru Deck at Night With Blue Pool


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