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Cumaru or Brazilian Teak Features


  • Botanical name: Dipteryx odorata
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Cumaru, Charapilla, Cumarut,
Tonka, Golden Teak, Tonquin Bean, Sarrapia, 
Brazilian Teak, Almendro
  • Origin: Central and South America
  • Color: Reddish auburn and honey brown tones
  • Janka Hardness: 3,330 lbf (14,800 N)


Advantages of Using Cumaru


  • Fire rating of concrete and steel
  • Very durable and dense tropical hardwood
  • No plastic or pesticide use in production, eco-friendly
  • Almost as hard as Ipe, but not as costly
  • Insect resistant
  • Mildew and Mold resistant
  • No splintering, bucking, or cracking with weather exposure

Cumaru Hardwood


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