Cumaru, or Brazilian Teak, is a beautiful hardwood that comes from South America. Aside from its unquestionable aesthetic beauty, cumaru is praised for its durability.  It has a life span of over 60 years, even when exposed to all the exterior elements.  All these advantages couples with the fact that it is a natural and renewable resource has made it a popular hardwood to use in luxury projects.  Many famous designers and movie stars are choosing cumaru for their homes.  Even city’s have taken notice of this amazing tropical hardwood and chosen to use it for public works projects.

We invite you to explore the beauty of cumaru and be inspired by these beautiful projects:

Jennifer Aniston’s Home

Architectural Digest featured Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills home, designed by Stephen Shadley, and reported that the eaves, floors, and walls were all made of cumaru.  Aniston chose this hardwood because it could be harvested from fallen trees, so it was an ecologically sound option, and because of the warmth and richness of the color and texture.

Jennifer Aniston Cumaru Home

Image by: Architectural Digest.  Photography by Peggy Sirota and Scott Frances July 1, 2017

Giorgio Armani’s House in Antigua

When fashion’s top designer, Giorgio Armani chose a type of hardwood for his villas overlooking Galley Bay, he chose Cumaru.  Part of the allure of Caribbean Island living is the indoor-outdoor experience that can be enjoyed all year long, and Brazilian Teak is the perfect wood to achieve that goal.  Architectural Digest reported that Armani’s wood beams throughout the house are in cumaru, to complement the island feel and the ceiling fans.

Armani Antigua Home

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest. Photography by Durston Saylor November 11, 2016

This visually impacting wood was used throughout the interiors, stairs, and decking.  In fact, cumaru is a great choice for exteriors and interiors, especially in tropical climates, like Antigua’s. It’s hardness and natural oils prevent it from rotting or splintering, both very important to keeping bare feet safe.

Armani Antigua Home II
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest. Photography by Durston Saylor November 11, 2016

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DJ Khaled’s Miami Beach Mansion

Modern and minimalist, these are the top trends in Miami these days, and they were not lost on star DJ Khaled when he purchased his five-bedroom mansion.  One of the first things you see throughout the exterior and interior of the home is the beautiful cumaru wooden ceilings.

Dj Kahled home miami beach

Photo Credit: Douglas Elliman

The tongue and groove cumaru cladding for the eaves of modern Miami homes has become very popular, especially given how little maintenance is required to keep the wooden color.  With little sun exposure, the cumaru used on a ceiling is less likely to suffer from sun-bleaching the way it does for a deck.  It also gives a warm tone to an otherwise very stark and square house.

Cumaru ceiling

Photo Credit: Douglas Elliman

Cuamru is also a very popular choice for ceilings that cover exterior areas such as bars or outdoor kitchens.  The warm color of cumaru and the interlocking grain make it ideal for tying nature and natural colors into the house. It gives a cozy and luxurious feel to any outdoor space.   If you are interested in learning more about which types of beams are best for tongue and groove ceilings, please contact us for a free quote.


Private luxury homes are not the only places you will see Brazilian Teak.  Lately, cities have chosen this exotic hardwood for big projects too.  The durability of cumaru makes it a great choice since it guarantees the integrity of the structure and the safety of all. It is a long-term investment that makes sense given that cumaru structures last for over sixty years.  If you visit Plaza 33 in New York City’s Midtown you will see beautiful cumaru benches to relax on.  Cumaru was chosen for the bleacher steps thanks to its durability.  The planter benches that surround the space are also made of the beautiful Brazilian teak.

Plaza 33 NYC

Photo credit:

It seems that Cumaru’s popularity spans from West Coast to East Coast with stars in Los Angeles, New York and Miami all choosing Brazilian Teak for their projects.  The astonishing color tones of Cumaru, ranging from light brown to a deep maroon, are one of the top reasons that celebrities and designers have chosen this tropical hardwood. The longevity of the wood and its unique hardness are amongst the reason’s cities have chosen cumaru for their development plans.  All in all, cumaru is a fabulous tropical hardwood that is worth investing in.  Interested in learning more?  Contact our sales team and we would be happy to give you a quote or just answer some questions for you.